vw4tools  1.0-37
JavaDoc API Markup for vw4tools

Tools and utilities for VirtualWisdom4

At current, VW4Tools is a script or two, plus one big jar file. vw4tool.jar allows a user to import a text file in one of several formats and output an Entity import JSON for VirtualWisdom4.

VW4Tools is intentionally 100% opensource to both show the code a user may be running on a trusted server, and to emphasize that Support is also of the OpenSource variety (ie not by VI Support). In turn, VW4Tools uses other projects to achieve its goals:


If we support the notion of "GNU/Linux" rather than "Linux", then by the same logic, we should refer to java-getopt as "USL/GNU SUN/java-getopt"

Key Resources

  1. Usage Overview can describe general usage
  2. Running Java can help users who are new to Java understand how to run Java (note: Here There Be Command Terminals)
  3. Building can elaborate on how the project is built from this sourcecode

Proprietary Intellectual Property

With the exception of samples/import01.json, all files and content are based on the same level of access to the product enjoyed by a customer. Implicitly, no private information is shared, all of this content (save the one file) is based on empirical discovery, and could change overnight.